How do you plan for the inspection process?

You should have a plan before beginning the inspection. This will help you stay organized and focused during the inspection. You need to visit this link to hire the best home inspection services. 

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There are a few things you should keep in mind before your inspection: 

-What are your priorities?

 Your top priorities may be finding damage, identifying potential problems, or verifying that conditions meet your specific requirements. 

-Do some research

Read reviews of home inspectors in the area and compare their opinions to what you know about your property. 

-Make a checklist

Make sure to bring along a list of all the items you want inspected (see below for a sample checklist). This will help you stay organized and track what is being inspected. 

-Set boundaries

Don’t waste time inspecting areas that don’t concern you or are not relevant to the property at hand. 

-Take photos and videos

Save all photos and videos of the property so you can reference them later (or share them with friends and family). 

-Check out the inspector’s license and insurance

Make sure to check their licenses, both professional and personal. Check their insurance coverage and make sure that they are insured in your state (many states require real estate agents to carry extra liability insurance). 

-Shop around for good prices

There are many inspectors in the area and you might have to do some comparison shopping to get a good price. 

-Watch for related signs of structural damage in the house after inspection 

This is easy to miss, but if you notice any issues during an inspection it could indicate serious problems needing attention sooner than later.