The Black Truffle Sea Salt

The decadent, almost unbearable taste of black truffle can be experienced only at one place, in a Truffle Maker. Made from the melt-away black truffle, generous scooping of this salty delight elevates plain dishes to culinary marvels. If there is a good reason why this food should be featured on the menu of every high-end restaurant around the world, it is because of its delectable, nutty, and creamy texture as well as the tantalizing depth of flavor it has. It is also rich in minerals and vitamins.

But what makes this heavenly delicacy so appealing is not just the rich, creamy, and salty content of the dish, but also the manner in which it is prepared and cooked. For centuries, the preparation of this dish has been shrouded in mystery. Some say it was because of the preparation of "black gold", while others say that this delicious dessert was created because of the ancient practice of burying gold coins in the food. Now, with modern technology and state-of-the-art ingredients, the secret of how this delectable treat is prepared has finally been revealed.

First, black truffle salt needs to be combined with olive oil, dried mushrooms, and garlic. To create this salty, sweet, and succulent treat, the oil should be infused with the finest black truffle salt available. On top of that, the mushrooms should be cooked in olive oil until they are almost completely tender. When these two ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the mixture is ready for usage.

Afterward, all that remains is to add the sea salt to the mixture and stir it together. The final step is to drizzle the mixture over the black truffle summer truffles and enjoy their heavenly flavor and aroma. By the way, you might also want to drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top of the desert.

As previously mentioned, the key to creating this delectable dessert is by using the best black truffle sea salt available. Fortunately, there are several excellent brands available. Before buying, however, it's important to note a few guidelines. Always make sure the salt is not table grade, the highest quality tends to be an unrefined black truffle. Also, never purchase artificial or synthetic flavors as these have no real taste.

If possible, try to purchase a brand that uses natural minerals. These include calcium, magnesium, and potassium. High levels of these minerals can cause an overly strong black flavor. If you must use a synthetic ingredient, choose one that has a very low percentage of artificial coloring.

When using black salt in cooking, it's important to remember that its naturally occurring nature makes it a highly desirable ingredient. For example, it pairs well with both seafood and pasta dishes. The naturally occurring mushroom flavor and texture work well with sausages, prime rib, and other meats, while the buttery flavor of the black truffle allows for an excellent sauce for vegetable dishes. To enhance the flavor of pasta sauces, simply drain the pasta and pour the black truffle-coated water into the sauce.

This seasoning is particularly noteworthy because it can restore even the thinnest of soups and stews. Sprinkling it atop raw vegetable pasta or cooked black-eyed peas is an excellent way to enhance both the flavor and texture of your dish. Another favorite trick is to mix it with olive oil and lemon juice to create a light and lemony dish. It also pairs well with cheeses such as goat cheese and brie. Although sage leaves are often avoided by cooks, studies have shown that eating sage leaves can actually keep arteries from becoming clogged, which is extremely beneficial for overall cardiovascular health.