What Is Termite Control?

Termite control means the application of pesticides, except fumigants, in or around various structures, or to the ground prior to the construction of a structure, for the control of termites and other invertebrate wood-destroying insects.

Termite control is a type of pest control that aims to rid your home or workplace of termites. In this article, get an overview of the different types of termites, how to identify them and what different types of termiticides are available.

What is Termite Control?

Termite control is the practice of eliminating or controlling the populations of termites in an area. Termites are a common problem because they can make extensive damage to homes and businesses. Termite control methods include monitoring and treating infested areas, baiting systems, and using pesticides. You can also look for Pest Control Treatment through various online sources.

Types of Termites

Termites are categorized into two types: subterranean termites and above-ground termites. Subterranean termites live in the soil and are attracted to moist areas like rotting wood. Above-ground termites live in the open air and are attracted to food. Both types of termites can damage buildings if not controlled. 

There are several ways to control termites. The most common is to use a bait system that puts out food that Termites will eat. Another option is to use a chemical called an insecticide to kill the Termites before they can damage your property.