The Essential First Aid Course: How To Become A Certified First-Aid Provider

A lot of people have been thinking about taking a course in first aid so that they can better help themselves and others in different scenarios. Learn the essentials of being certified to learn how to become a first-Aid provider!

What is a Certified First Aid Provider?

A certified first-aid provider (CFP) is a professional who has completed a rigorous certification program. The CFP designation provides assurance to the public that the individual has met the highest standards of competence in first aid. If you are looking for a first aid certification course, then you can browse

To become a CFP, you must complete an accredited program that includes classroom and online instruction. The program must also include comprehensive exam preparation and mandatory field experience.

Once you have completed your certification requirements, you can use the CFP designation on your resume or business card. You may also use the designation on websites or in the literature that refers to certified professionals. In addition, many employers require certification from their CFPs.

Where Can I Get A First Aid Certificate?

There are many ways to get a first-aid certificate, depending on what level of training you want. There are online courses, in-person courses, and self-study options. Here are some of the most popular ways to get certified:

Online: The National Safety Council offers an online first-aid certification course. The course is 12 weeks long and costs $149. ACE offers an online first-aid certification course that is 14 weeks long and costs $199.

In-person: Several states offer in-person first aid certification courses. The cost of these courses varies but generally ranges from $50-$150. Some states also offer discounted rates for residents who have a current CPR certificate.

Self-Study: Labeled steps offer a self-study guide for first aid certification that costs $29.95. The guide includes video lessons, practice questions, and a test at the end of the book.