Ways To Separate Hangover Drip From “Sweat”

It's rare that you drink one too many beers and wake up the next morning feeling exactly as you did last night. But what does it mean when your head hurts, your voice is scratchy, and it feels like a ton of bricks are sitting on your chest? And what about all the nasty food stains in your shirt from the night before? Continue reading to know more about hangover drip.

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How can you tell a sweat from a hangover drip?

When you have a hangover, your body is trying to rid itself of the alcohol. This process creates sweat and a drip of liquid from the nose and mouth.

To tell the difference between sweat and drip hangovers, look for these signs:

– Sweat will be cold and wet. Hangover drips will be warm and dry.

– Sweat will be saltier than drip hangovers.

What causes hangover drip?

When you drink alcohol, it travels through your bloodstream and causes a decrease in blood flow to your brain. This is called hangover drip.

Hangover drip is caused by the combination of two factors: the amount of alcohol you drink and the time it takes for that alcohol to reach your brain. The more alcohol you drink, the quicker it will reach your brain and the greater the likelihood of developing hangover drip.

The best way to prevent hangover drip is to limit how much you drink and to drink slowly. If you do develop hangover drip, try drinking cold water or tea to reduce its severity.